“Head Hunters” is a novel about specially trained hunters who scour the jungle of modern civilization for the most sought after corporate game – top professionals who increase companies’ profits. The main characters of the novel, Obren and his son Filip, with seductive Mina Poleto in the middle, run an agency called Chemistry Biz Links, which is one of the most powerful in the region. Their work is filled with a passion for money and power, decadence and moral degradation, dangerous games where millions are made, but also dramatic destinies, flaming romances, rapid rises, and even faster falls, of the major players. 

The electrifying twists that follow the flow of large capital, along with the shocking discoveries about the headhunters’ clientele, and the economic transition profiteers are taking us to the very core of high-end business revealing dark mechanisms behind the power of today’s elite.
An exciting challenge for readers who want to dig into this story and find an answer to the question: can dignity and true love overcome an ambition for wealth and power?



My only life